We are “THAT” Neighbor

We moved! How exciting for us but not so much for our neighbors. I have been renting an apartment most of my children’s lives which meant no yard. They are the queens of finding things to do inside, but they love going outside. Lucky for our neighbors, we have a big yard, and the spring weather has sprung. My husband and I have bought a house together for our three girls (and our sanity) for the first time. Our lovely neighbor across the street came by and brought us a pie and the girls some easter baskets. We chatted for a bit, and she was saying how lovely it is to have kids on the block because most people are older. The whole time I am thinking, at what point are you going to regret saying that? Well, tonight was the night. Our neighbor came over to let us know that someone was ringing their doorbell and running off. They couldn’t deny it since he also has a Ring doorbell with a camera. How embarrassing, and now we are those neighbors.

Published by Tarinista

Hey! My name is Tarin and I am a mom of three girls. I have had to change life around this last year but here we are starting a new chapter in life.

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