The dreaded vet visit!

This week we have to take our dog Loki to the vet. He usually loves going to the vet and meeting new people. This time hen has to go to get the dreaded chop. I envision him loving the vet the until he falls asleep but waking up very annoyed. I see many videos of dogs happy before they go to the vet and then annoyed afterwards. I imagine he will hold onto the feeling and not want to go to the vet when he gets the chop. I’m going to take a video of him before the vet and then on the ride home to see if he will be pouting or not.

The sleeping baby.

Published by Tarinista

Hey! My name is Tarin and I am a mom of three girls. I have had to change life around this last year but here we are starting a new chapter in life.

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