Date nights.

I think one of the most important things in a relationship is to make tine for each other. Life can get so busy and we can forget that we have another person in our life that also needs our genuine attention.

I love our girls but when you are in a marriage it is important to put your spouse first. I don’t mean to ignore your kids and put them on the back burner. Your kids will always be taken care of and loved but you can completely ignore your spouse, on accident of course.

We make it a priority to put each other first and by doing this the girls reap the benefits. They get the best of us both because we take that time to make sure that our relationship is solid.

Our little date nights are the best. We don’t always go out because we have three girls at home but you can make a date night right at home. Many times we have just put a movie on and put our phones away to spend quality time together.

Date nights

Published by Tarinista

Hey! My name is Tarin and I am a mom of three girls. I have had to change life around this last year but here we are starting a new chapter in life.

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