Since we moved I have loved decorating the house. The apartment was small, crowded, and everything smooshed together. Since our house is open and bright I have been trying to find my new style.

I really enjoy the rustic farmhouse look but without the farmhouse part. The animals are cute but they aren’t me. I love the older looking finish on furniture but I also love my neutral grey… a little too much I think. So, I decide to add navy blue into the mix.

Lucky for me, navy blue is now a popular color and it has been pretty easy finding accent pieces and different odds and ends that match. I also had to make the decision if I wanted to do a taupe or white to go with it.

I naturally went with white because I think it feels cleaner and is easier to match. Getting taupe is great but then it becomes impossible to match the right shades.

Since the living room and dining room are together I decided to decorate them the same. I recently bought these beautiful circle placemats to match the navy blue and I bought a wonderful table runner to match.

Deciding on the center piece was harder. I had the hexagon tray for the coffee table I decided to paint black to put the accent pieces in. I love repurposing pieces to match what you need.

The last thing that needs to get taken care of are the chairs. Since we got our table from my mother-in-law it was well used. I decided to reupholster the seats black as well.

Published by Tarinista

Hey! My name is Tarin and I am a mom of three girls. I have had to change life around this last year but here we are starting a new chapter in life.

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