Date nights.

I think one of the most important things in a relationship is to make tine for each other. Life can get so busy and we can forget that we have another person in our life that also needs our genuine attention.

I love our girls but when you are in a marriage it is important to put your spouse first. I don’t mean to ignore your kids and put them on the back burner. Your kids will always be taken care of and loved but you can completely ignore your spouse, on accident of course.

We make it a priority to put each other first and by doing this the girls reap the benefits. They get the best of us both because we take that time to make sure that our relationship is solid.

Our little date nights are the best. We don’t always go out because we have three girls at home but you can make a date night right at home. Many times we have just put a movie on and put our phones away to spend quality time together.

Date nights

The dreaded vet visit!

This week we have to take our dog Loki to the vet. He usually loves going to the vet and meeting new people. This time hen has to go to get the dreaded chop. I envision him loving the vet the until he falls asleep but waking up very annoyed. I see many videos of dogs happy before they go to the vet and then annoyed afterwards. I imagine he will hold onto the feeling and not want to go to the vet when he gets the chop. I’m going to take a video of him before the vet and then on the ride home to see if he will be pouting or not.

The sleeping baby.

Who is the Easter Bunny?

Happy Easter! I have always wondered at what age do kids stop believing in the Easter Bunny? I have three little girls who believe in the Easter Bunny but not really. Let me explain. They ask if the Easter Bunny is coming to the house to give us Easter Baskets and put eggs down but when I give them the baskets they know they are from me. Do you tell your children the Easter Bunny isn’t real or do you keep playing along until they something to you?

We are “THAT” Neighbor

We moved! How exciting for us but not so much for our neighbors. I have been renting an apartment most of my children’s lives which meant no yard. They are the queens of finding things to do inside, but they love going outside. Lucky for our neighbors, we have a big yard, and the spring weather has sprung. My husband and I have bought a house together for our three girls (and our sanity) for the first time. Our lovely neighbor across the street came by and brought us a pie and the girls some easter baskets. We chatted for a bit, and she was saying how lovely it is to have kids on the block because most people are older. The whole time I am thinking, at what point are you going to regret saying that? Well, tonight was the night. Our neighbor came over to let us know that someone was ringing their doorbell and running off. They couldn’t deny it since he also has a Ring doorbell with a camera. How embarrassing, and now we are those neighbors.